A Toronto based real estate developer specializing in premium residential properties in Canada.

From initializing branding guidelines to creating the company brochure and website, a whole branding package was provided for the client.


CoStone Development


Branding Design
Graphic Design
Website Design
Website Development



Roles & Responsibilities

This project has four phases.

During the first phase, I initialized the branding system and drafted the branding guideline which was approved by the client.

For the second phase, I designed the multi-page business brochure for printing which provided multiple options, then finalized the brochure after the design option has been made.

For the third phase, I drafted the website mockups and developed the website based on WordPress, tested and debugged, and launched the website.

The last phase came with some printing materials such as real estate flyers and posters. Based on the branding guideline I designed these materials.

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